Editorial Style Sheet

When an article or interview has been agreed, the following should be supplied:

A biography, about 70 words
A photograph of the author / interviewee

Methods for supplying written material

The average length of an article is one page (800 words). A biography is a summary of the subject's education, career and achievements. If text is not written in English, it should be translated. Articles should be supplied as Simple Text or Word and sent by email, fax, courier or registered post.

Methods for supplying photographs

We usually publish photographs of the subject's head and shoulders. The subject's head needs to be in sharp focus.

Size  10cm x 10cm (or larger)
Colour  CMYK
Resolution  300 dpi

Materials should be sent by courier or registered post.
Photographs may be sent in digital format on disc or by email.
Photographs can also be sent by ISDN to our colour house on special request to the Production Manager.

Contact Details:

Production Department
First Strategic Insight Ltd
6 Vigo Street
London W1S 3HF

Tel: 44 20 7440 3554