The 21st Century: a view from the South

by Ricardo Lagos

Ricardo Lagos addresses key challenges facing the international commmunity and provides a unique perspective on world affairs covering issues such as democracy and social progress, Europe and Latin America, security and human rights, development and technology, and new partnerships

  • Foreword
    Rt Hon Tony Blair MP, Prime Minister
  • Introductory article
    Chile and its integration into the global world

CHILE: Democracy and Progress

  • The Rebirth of Chile
    Speech at Opening of Congressional Year, Valparaiso
  • Building a country centred on the human being
    Speech on presentation of the Rectorial Medal, Faculty of Law, University of Chile, Santiago
  • Chile's latest step on the path to truth
    Article in the Christian Science Monitor, Boston, USA
  • Without democracy, there can be no progress
    Speech opening 3rd Ministerial Conference of the Community of Democracies, Santiago
  • Chile 30 years later: the legacy of a crushed dream: 'Never again'
    Article in International Herald Tribune, New York, USA

EUROPE, LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN: To Renew the Long Standing Relations

  • The EU, Latin America and the Caribbean: Ten areas for collaboration
    Article published in El País, Madrid, Spain
  • 2003 Canning Lecture: How this world is being organised?
    Lecture delivered in Lancaster House, London, UK
  • The European-Southern hemisphere relationship
    Speech at Progressive Government Conference, Budapest, Hungary
  • Agreement of Political Association, Commerce and Cooperation, Chile-EU
    Speech at Summit Conference of the EU/Latin America & the Caribbean, Madrid, Spain

Security and Human Rights in the Globalised World

  • Getting back on the right track
    Article in El País-International, Madrid, Spain
  • What is a utopia if it isn't our dream of a better world?
    Mesaage to students at University of Duke, North Carolina, USA
  • Declaration for the Release of Aung San Suu Kyi
    Joint Declaration by Ricardo Lagos, Thabo Mbeki, Göran Persson & Helen Clark in IHT, New York, USA

Development, Technology and Globalisation

  • Public goods and citizenship: How do we proceed?
    Article published in El País, Madrid, Spain
  • The challenges to harness IT for the poor
    Joint article by Ricardo Lagos, Thabo Mbeki and Göran Persson published in the IHT, New York, USA
  • A view from the South
    Speech to the Progressive Governance Conference, London, United Kingdom

New Partnerships across the World

  • Free Trade Agreement: Chile-USA
    Speech at signing of the Agreement, Santiago, Chile
  • We are a bridge to South America
    Article published in the Economic Times, Delhi, India

New Partnerships across the World

  • Chile and South Africa: Ethical bonds
    Article published in Mail and Guardian, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Chile and China look to the future
    Article marking the visit of President Hu Jintao and in commemoration of APEC-Chile year: published in China Daily, Beijing, China
  • APEC and MERCOSUR: an opportunity presents itself
    Article published in Clarín, Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • We need to live in a world that is much more secure
    Interview for Public Broadcasting Service, USA
  • Chile's socialist leader is betting on the new economy
    Interview in Latin America Business Week, New York, USA
  • We worry about the recurrent crises
    Interview in Weekly Report Latin American Newsletter, London, UK
  • Latin America after the Cold War
    Interview in Magazine Polytika, Warsaw, Poland
  • We are planning... 5 per cent growth in GDP
    Interview by Herbert Klein, published in San Diego Union-Tribune and others, California, USA
  • Chilean model
    Interview in ASIA INC, Singapore
  • There is no tomorrow without yesterday
    Interview in Al Ahram, Cairo, Egypt
  • The importance of dreaming about the future
    Interview by Jose Zepeda Varas, Latin American Department of Radio Nederland, The Netherlands