Readership Profile

FIRST is used by a wide range of leading companies and organisations who wish to reach its influential community of business leaders and opinion formers.

Readership profile

Presidents/chairmen and chief executives of major international public and private corporations worldwide, senior officers of major financial institutions and of professional partnerships, leading government ministers and politicians, heads of major regulatory authorities and industry associations.

Airline distribution

In collaboration with leading airlines, FIRST is presented to first class passengers on flights and airport lounges worldwide.

Hotel distribution

In collaboration with leading hotels, FIRST is presented to VIP guests at selected international hotels.  

Summary of Readership Analysis from CARAT/NOP Research:

  • 89% receive their copy of FIRST personally addressed to their office address.
  • 84% read at least three issues per year.
  • 86% spend at least 45 minutes reading FIRST. 75% read at least 1/4 of the magazine.
  • FIRST readers’ earnings average US$1,338,000. They have average assets of US$4.2m.
  • 76% indicate they would be very disappointed if FIRST was no longer available.
  • Over 60% of readers have decision making power in areas such as regional investment, office location, selection and purchase of services (information technology, human resources, corporate business air travel, banking, financial and legal services etc).
  • 89% have influence in strategic direction decisions for their business.
  • 66% have influence over international investment decisions for their business.
  • Over 60% indicate an interest in reading the views of contributors at the usual level of those writing in FIRST are being interviewed on a range of subjects e.g. politics.