Celebrating 200 Years Together: The Bicentenary of British-Bahraini Relations

This historical and pictorial publication charts one of the most long standing relationships between two countries and highlights the enduring friendship between the leadership and peoples of the Kingdom of Bahrain and those of the United Kingdom. This book examines the diplomatic, political, military and economic ties between the two Kingdoms within an historical context. Celebrating 200 Years Together provides insight and understanding of a unique bilateral relationship.


  • by HRH The Prince of Wales


  • by HRH Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad


  • by Rupert Goodman DL

Chapter One

  • Al Khalifa: The Royal Family of Bahrain

Chapter Two

  • The Twin Pearls of Bahrain

Chapter Three

  • First Contacts

Chapter Four

  • Through Two World Wars to Independence

Chapter Five

  • Hannibals, Spitfires and Concorde: Bahrain and Britain's Friendship in the Skies

Chapter Six

  • From Steamshipt to Airmail, the Bahraini Postal Service

Chapter Seven

  • An Enduring Friendship

Chapter Eight

  • Education

Chapter Nine

  • Celebrating Bahrain's Heritage

Chapter Ten

  • Bilateral Relations

Chapter Eleven

  • Enduring Ties

Chapter Twelve

  • Powerful Naval Relationship

Chapter Thirteen

  • Strong Trade Relationship

Chapter Fourteen

  • Close Transport Relationship

Chapter Fifteen

  • The Flag Carrier

Chapter Sixteen

  • Development and Innovation

Chapter Seventeen

  • Long Standing Friendship

Chapter Eighteen

  • Mutual Interest