Britain and Bahrain: A Celebration of Friendship

This historical and pictorial publication marks the 75th Anniversary of The Royal Windsor Horse Show and highlights the enduring friendship between the leadership and peoples of the Kingdom of Bahrain and those of the United Kingdom.

This book charts the shared interest in horses and the equine world. It also examines the diplomatic, political, military and economic ties between the two Kingdoms within an historical context. Celebration of Friendship provides insight and understanding of a unique bilateral relationship.


  • by Her Majesty The Queen


  • by His Majesty King Hamad


  • by Rupert Goodman


  • by Simon Brooks-Ward


  • The Royal Gift

Chapter One

  • A Life with Horses

Chapter Two

  • An Enduring Friendship

Chapter Three

  • Horses and Planes

Chapter Four

  • 75 Years of The Royal Windsor Horse Show

Chapter Five

  • Two Royal Families and The Royal Windsor Horse Show

Chapter Six

  • Asil - the Pure Arabian Horse

Chapter Seven

  • Spirit of Horse and Rider

Chapter Eight

  • The Household Cavalry

Chapter Nine

  • 90th Birthday Celebrations

Chapter Ten

  • The Future of the Royal Windsor Horse Show