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issue1FIRST Magazine is published for the world’s leadership community and addresses strategic issues of concern to senior international businessmen and government officials. With a mission to bring decision makers together, FIRST seeks to create business opportunities and to enhance global dialogue between industry, finance and government.

Subscribers and contributors to FIRST Magazine comprise investors and policy makers throughout the world. They exercise power over policy initiatives, investment decisions and the formulation of long term strategy.

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  • An Emerging New World Order
  • Winning the Peace
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Living in Interesting Times
  • Delivering the Goods
  • Playing the Long Game
  • Going Global
  • Building Trust
  • Connecting Continents
  • Pouring Oil On Troubled Waters
  • The Quest for Sustainable Growth
  • The Peace Dividend
  • A Crowning Achievement
  • Bridging the Development Divide
  • A New Era of Engagement
  • Continental Shift
  • Nigeria's Golden Jubilee
  • South Africa Takes Centre Stage
  • China's Path to Prosperity
  • The U.S. Charm Offensive
  • Seeking a New Equilibrium
  • Azerbaijan's Rich Legacy
  • Unlocking Africa's Potential
  • Striking a Delicate Balance
  • Seeking Regional Solutions
  • Building a New Consensus
  • The Path to Prosperity
  • Emerging Powers: Global Issues
  • Reasons to be Cheerful