Youth in the Energy Future

Special WPC youth committee magazine first edition produced by FIRST for the 20th World Petroleum Congress

DOWNLOAD FREE Anna Illarionova, Jamie Turazzi Naveiro and Céline Rottier
PhD student, Russian Foreign Trade Academy, WPC YC Taskforce member, Russia; Petrobras E&P Project Manager, Vice Chair Brazilian YC, WPC YC Taskforce member, Brazil and Offshore Engineer, Repsol, Spain, WPC YC Vice Chair for Communication respectively
WPC Youth Committee: Ready to rock the boat
DOWNLOAD FREE Manisha Bhagava, Burcu Gunal and Anna Illarionova
Deputy manager of Business development Indian Oil Corp Ltd, WPC YC member, India: Geological Engineer-strategy analyst, Turkish Petroleum Corp, Vice-chair on member relations, students and gender, WPC YC, Turkey and PHD student Russian Foreign Trade Academy, WPC YC taskforce member, Russia
WPC Youth Forums: Unique events with content defined by young professionals
DOWNLOAD FREE Catherine McGregor
President, Wireline, Schlumberger
Embracing technological innovation
DOWNLOAD FREE Robon Greschner
Chair, Canadian Association of the World Petroleum Council (CAWPC) Youth Committee
The Fountain of Youth
Chief Executive Officer, Kuwait Energy
Turning Ambitions into reality
DOWNLOAD FREE Antoine Rostand
Global Managing Director, Schlumberger Business Consulting (SBC)
Human Resources in oil and gas: Managing technical talent for production growth
Vice President for Middle East and Russia, ExxonMobil Production Company
Youth today is energy tomorrow
DOWNLOAD FREE José Sergio Gabrielli
President, Petrobras
Adapting to face new challenges
DOWNLOAD FREE Yine de la Cruz
US asset management financial, planning and budget coordinator, Fuels Marketing, ExxonMobil Production Company
Knowledge is power
DOWNLOAD FREE Mishal Jabor Al-Thani
Acting Manager, Energy Policy and International Relations, Qatar Petroleum, WPC YC Vice Chair for Strategic Planning and Youth Lead for 20th WPC
Youth in the energy future