Seeking a New Equilibrium


  • Daniel Carlos Martínez Villaamil
    Minister of Industry, Energy & Mining, Uruguay
    Uruguay opens bids for offshore basins
  • Responsible Captialism Award 2008
    Photo report
  • Visit of President of Costa Rica
    Photo report
  • Azarbaijan Presentation
    Photo report
  • Belarus Breakfast
    Photo report
  • Rio de Janeiro Breakfast
    Photo report


  • Elvira Nabiullina
    Minister of Economic Development
    Facing unprecedented challenges
  • Profile of Dmitry Medvedev
    President of the Russian Federation
    Emerging from a long shadow
  • HE Yury Fedotov
    Russian Ambassador to the Court of St James
    Strengthening business relations
  • Richard Brighouse
    Correspondent, FIRST
    Positioning for the upturn
  • Roger Munnings
    Former Chairman and CEO, KPMG, Russia/CIS Region
    Weathering the storm
  • Clemens Grafe
    Chief Economist for the CIS and Russia, UBS
    Closing the prosperity gap
  • Bill Barker and Thomas Sjölin
    Group Executive Director, Beverage Cans and Sector Director, Beverage Cans, Europe and Asia
    Have done, can do
  • Alexander Medvedev
    Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom and General Director, Gazpromexport
    Developing new resources

Rio de Janeiro

  • Rt Hon Lord Hurd of Westwell
    Chairman, FIRST Advisory Council
  • HE Sérgio Cabral
    Governor of the State of Rio de Janeiro
    A warm climate for business
  • Julio Bueno
    Secretary of Economic Development, Energy and Services
    Diversifying Rio’s economy
  • Joaquim Levy
    Secretary of Finance
    Building trust
  • Richard Brighouse
    Correspondent, FIRST
    On the crest of a new wave
  • Julio Lopes
    Secretary of Transport
    Keeping Rio on the move
  • Márcia Lins
    Secretary of Tourism, Sport and Leisure
    The Rio of leisure and business
  • Eduardo Eugenio Gouvêa Vieira
    President, FIRJAN, The Federation of Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro
    A strategic investment opportunity
  • Carlos Nuzman
    President of the Brazilian Olympic Committee
    Realising Rio’s Olympic dream
  • Alexandre Cardoso
    Secretary of Science and Technology
    Creating a more innovative society
  • The Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute
    Instituto Brasilio de Petroleo Gas e Biocombustiveis (IBP)
    Increase oil revenues within reality
  • José Luiz Alquéres
    President of the Board of AD Rio and Presdient-Director General of Light SA
    Energy for development
  • Pamela Goodman
    Travel Editor, FIRST
    Rio: city and state
  • Augusto Franco Alencar
    Director General, FIRJAN, The Federation of Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro
    Playing a central role
  • Tim Flear MVO
    HM Consul General, Rio de Janeiro
    Reinvigorating commercial relations


  • Rt Hon Lord Hurd of Westwell
    Chairman, FIRST Advisory Council
  • HE Alexander Lukashenko
    President of the Republic of Belarus
  • HE Dr Sergei Sidorsky
    Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus
    An investor friendly economy
  • Dr Supachai Panichpakdi
    Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
    Encouraging signals
  • Profile of HE Alexander Lukashenko
    President of the Republic of Belarus
    A multidirectional foreign policy
  • Andrei Kobyakov
    Deputy Prime Minister
    Liberalising trade and investment
  • HE Sergei N Martynov
    Minister of Foreign Affairs
    A policy of mutual advantage
  • HE Aleksandr Mikhnevich
    Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus to the Court of St James’s
    The bison and the lion
  • Nikolai Zichenko
    Minister of Economy
    Maximising economic resources
  • Andrei Kharkovets
    Minster of Finance
    Financial and social stability
  • Anatoliy Rusetsky
    Minister of Industry
    Creating conditions for growth
  • Alexander Ozerets
    Minister of Energy
    Sustainable energy programme
  • Leontiy Khoruzhik
    Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
    Economy and the environment
  • Petr Prokopovich
    Chairman, National Bank of Belarus
    Security and reliability

Costa Rica

  • HE Óscar Arias Sánchez
    President of Costa Rica and 1987 Nobel Prize Laureate
    Declaration of Peace with Nature
  • Bruno Stagno Ugarte
    Minister of Foreign Affairs
    Working with a permanent member
  • Marco Vinicio Ruiz Gutiérrez
    Minister of Foreign Trade
    An important strategic partner
  • Roberto Echandi
    Ambassador of the Republic of Costa Rica to the European Union
    Agreements and progress
  • Rafael Torres
    Territory Manager, British American Tobacco, Central America, Costa Rican Branch
    Responsibility and sustainability
  • Francisco de Paula Gutiérrez
    President of the Central Bank of Costa Rica
    Facing global challenges
  • HE Pilar Saborío de Rocafort
    Costa Rican Ambassador to the Court of St James’s
    Global peace and freedom
  • Dr Roberto Dobles
    President of the Governing Council and the Global Environment Forum and Minister of Environment and Energy
    Climate change: agenda for action
  • Ronald Peter Seevers
    Executive Director, ICafe
    Making a Costa Rican cup of coffee

Association of Caribbean States (ACS)

  • Ambassador Luis Fernando Andrade Falla
    Secretary General, Association of Caribbean States (ACS)
    Consolidating the Greater Caribbean
  • Nilo Joseph Swain
    Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Aruba
    Moving forward together
  • Maria Dijkoff-Pita
    Director, Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry, Aruba
    Achieving sustainable development
  • Edwin Roos
    President, Chamber of Commerce, Aruba
    A Platform for regional integration
  • Ambassador Henry S Gill
    Director General, Caribbean Regional Negotiating Machinery (CRNM)
    Learning to love the EPA
  • Hilaire Brudey
    Chairman, ACS Special Committee on Trade and Investment, Regional Council of Guadeloupe
    Caribbean integration with the French regions of the Americas
  • Tonika Sealy
    Director of Indigenous Services Exports, Invest Barbados (IB)
    Export promotion a la mode
  • Karen de Montbruin
    President, Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association (TTMA)
    Regional manufacturing and the EPA
  • Ruben Goedhoop
    Head of Advisory Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Netherlands Antilles and Aruba
    Opportunities are right in front of us
  • Valerie Croes
    Tax Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Netherlands Antilles and Aruba
    Bold ambitions, careful choices
  • Ray Braithwaite MBA
    Executive Chairman, The Trinidad and Tobago Solid Waste Management Company Limited (SWMCOL)
    Waste not, want not
  • Watson Denis PhD
    Political Advisor, association of Caribbean States
    Doing business in Haiti today
  • Annelle Joachim
    Vice President, The Business Development Company Limited, Trinidad and Tobago
    The importance of being innovative