Winning the Peace


Boardroom Issues and Photo Reports

  • Award for Responsible Capitalism
    Photo Report
  • State Visit by Colombia's President
    Photo Report
  • Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP
    Chancellor of the Exchequer
    In defence of responsible business
  • Nguyễn Xuân Phúc
    Prime Minister of Vietnam
    Deepening global economic partnerships
  • Sam Yusuf
    Managing Director, Andante Studios
    Music of peace of unity
  • Mark Burns
    President & CEO, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
    Rising above the economic clouds
  • HE Ahmed Shiaan
    Ambassador of Maldives to the United Kingdom
    A future beyond the Commonwealth
  • Alain St Ange
    Candidate for the UNWTO Secretary General
    Following in fine footsteps
  • Haitham Mattar
    CEO, Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority
    Supporting sustainable tourism


  • HM Queen Elizabeth II
  • Rt Hon Theresa May MP
    Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
  • Rupert Goodman
    Chairman and Founder, FIRST
  • HE Juan Manuel Santos
    President of the Republic of Colombia
    If at first you don't succeed...
  • Oscar Guardiola-Rivera
    Senior Lecturer in Law and Assistant Dean, Birkbeck, University of London
    The long road and the promise
  • Jonathan Powell
    Director, Inter Mediate
    Building a new Colombia
  • Mauricio Cárdenas and Simón Gaviria
    Minister of Finance & Public Credit and Director, National Planning Department, Republic of Colombia
    The costs and benefits of Peace
  • Peter Edyvean and Alastair Harris
    Business Correspondent and Publishing Editor, FIRST
    Colombia prepares for lift-off
  • Luis Fernando Andrade Moreno
    President, National Infrastructure Agency (ANI), Republic of Colombia
    Paving the way to prosperity
  • Bruce Mac Master
    President, National Business Association of Colombia (ANDI)
    Maintaining the momenturm
  • Roberto Vélez
    President, National Coffee Growers Federation (FNC)
    Colombia's coffee diplomacy
  • Peter Edyvean and Alastair Harris
    Business Correspondent and Publishing Editor, FIRST
    Ambitious plans bearing fruit
  • Eduardo Rodríguez Tamayo
    Country Chairman, Shell Colombia, Ecuador, Central America & Caribbean
    Keeping Colombia competitive
  • Ian Harebottle
    Chief Executive Officer, Gemfields
    Revitalising a Colombian icon
  • María Ángela Holguín
    Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Colombia
    Building a new consensus
  • Malcom Deas
    Emeritus Fellow, St Antony's College, Oxford University
    Different countries, much in common
  • HE Néstor Osorio
    Ambassador of Colombia to the United Kingdom
    A strategic partnership
  • HE Peter Tibber
    Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Colombia
    Opportunity in diversity
  • Eduardo Posada Carbó
    Professor of the History and Politics of Latin America, University of Oxford
    Knowledge: The invisible thread
  • Jacques Arnold
    Special Advisor for Latin America, FIRST
    An historic relationship
  • Johanna Zuleta
    Arts and Culture Correspondent
    Colombia through the senses


  • 25th Anniversary of Kazakhstan
    Photo Report
  • Official Book: Kazakhstan
    25 Milestone of Independence