Tanzania: a country of limitless opportunities

Official report to mark the launch of the Investors and Diaspora Conference by HE Jakaya Kikwete, President of Tanzania, London

DOWNLOAD FREE HE Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete
President of The United Republic of Tanzania
A range of excellent prospects
BUY NOW HE Amani Abeid Kurame
President of Zanzibar
Putting Zanzibar on the map
DOWNLOAD FREE Professor Benno J Ndulu
Governor of The Bank of Tanzania
Infrastructure, the key to growth
BUY NOW HE Mwanaidi Sinare Maajar
High Commissioner for Tanzania
Progress, reform and opportunity
BUY NOW HE Philip Parham
British High Commissioner to Tanzania
Confidence and goodwill
Chief Executive Officer, Investment Climate Facility for Africa
Unlocking investment potential
BUY NOW Ali A Mufuruki
Chairman & CEO, Infotech Investment Group Ltd
A changing economic structure
BUY NOW Roy Trivedy
Head of Office, Department for International Development (DFID)
The opportunities for Tanzania
BUY NOW Peter J Mwenguo
Managing Director, Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB)
A sustainable future
Senior Staff Writer, FIRST
Building a gas and oil industry
BUY NOW Anthony Reinsch
Executive Vice-President, Artumas Group Inc (AGI)
A better business environment
BUY NOW Bebe Lyimo
Better Regulations Unit (BRU), Ministry of Planning, Economy and Empowerment, Tanzania
The BEST way forward
BUY NOW William A Mlaki
Managing Director, Tanzania Investment Bank
Financing growth and development
BUY NOW Haruna Masebu
Director General of the Board of Directors of EWURA
Regulating service utilities
BUY NOW Abolphe Aloyce Kumburu
Executive Director, Association of Kilimanjaro Speciality Coffee Growers (KILICAFE)
Tanzania’s finest coffees
BUY NOW Dr Eve Hawa Sinare
Partner, REX Attorneys
Investing in listed securities
BUY NOW Nicholas Lyne
Senior Staff Writer, FIRST
A unique African experience
BUY NOW Modesta Lilian Mahiga
Managing Director, Professional Approach
The human touch
BUY NOW Desidiria Mwegelo
Marketing Officer, Tanzania Investment Bank
Return and make a difference
BUY NOW Bashar Tayseer Arafeh
Chief Operating Officer for Celtel East Africa
Infrastructure, the key to growth
BUY NOW Gerald Bigurube
Director General of Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA)
Developing a rich resource
BUY NOW Isreal Z Sekirasa
Director General, Surface & Marine Transport Regulatory Authority, SUMATRA
Promoting investment in transport
BUY NOW The Honourable Felix C Mrema
Chairman of Arusha Blooms Ltd
A blossoming industry
BUY NOW Justice Augustino S L Ramadhani
Chief Justice, Tanzania
Resolving a Livingston mystery
BUY NOW Harry M Kitillya
Commissioner General of the TRA
A workable partnership