Foreign Secretary launches Foreign Policy publication

9th May 2011

The Foreign Secretary, Rt. Hon. William Hague MP, today launched the publication ‘Britain’s Foreign Policy – a new approach in a networked world.’

This document published by the international affairs organisation FIRST provides an insight into the new thinking and approach to Foreign Policy taken by the Coalition Government and brings together the Foreign Secretary’s speeches on Foreign Affairs.

The publication contains an introduction by the Prime Minister Rt Hon David Cameron MP who writes “When we came to government we brought a vision of a new foreign policy. More commercial in earning our way in the world, more strategic in meeting the new and emerging threats
to our national security, and firmly committed to upholding our values and defending Britain’s moral authority even in the most difficult of circumstances”.

The publication was launched at an event held at Lancaster House and attended by business, government and diplomatic leaders. The event brought together both British and foreign Ambassadors and High Commissioners and was sponsored by FIRST.

The Foreign Secretary, Rt Hon William Hague, was the keynote speaker and said “The defining characteristic of our coalition Government’s approach to foreign policy is simple and bears repeating: we want to promote the long term interests of Britain as well as to make the right decisions about the challenges facing us now, and we want to extend and strengthen Britain’s influence overseas.”

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